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Morukuru camp is located in the Madikwe reserve, which is located in the north-western part of South Africa and covers an area of ​​over 75,000 hectares. It is completely safe and free from malaria – neither vaccinations or medications are necessary. Madikwe Reserve is located on the vast plains that are home to antelope (oryksów and springbok) as well as more than 340 species of birds. The diversity of flora as well as the topography of the area ensure the presence of many animals that can be found here during your stay. This place offers ideal opportunities to observe and to immortalize moments by camera.

Morokuru consists only of 4 completely private villas: Owners House (for 2 – 4 persons), River House and Farm House (for 4-10 people) and the largest villa with four bedrooms for up to 12 people – Ocean House.

The resort is very family friendly – offering a relaxed atmosphere, each family is assured of complete privacy and also hosts kids of all ages! We have prepared various activities for children – so nothing stands in the way to experience a unique safari with their children!

Morukuru is completely focused on a its guests. It offers safari car and hiking, fishing, bird watching, having fun outdoors, supervised mini-adventure made for the youngest. Exquisite dining facilities offer you a unique culinary experience throughout your stay and every dish you can make with perfectly matched wine from the cellar.

Morukuru was awarded The World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2011.

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