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The name derives from the local language and means the place where the wolves dance. Wolwedans is an exclusive camp, located in the heart of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, south of the town of Sossusvlei. From this place, which is a great base for exploring the mysteries of the Namib desert, you can freely enjoy the red dunes and a striking landscape of raw beauty of wildlife.

Lodge Wolwedans does not pretend to be “Hotel dune” or a one-night stop. It is rather a place for a long stay for those who want to relax in a location far away from civilization, in the midst of wild and severe nature of the Namib desert. A comfortable stay ensures guests an extremely professional service.

Dunes Camp – cozy lodge is situated on the edge of the dunes with a height of 250 meters, in which guests can relax, with a maximum of 12 guests. They are accommodated in comfortable tents with private bathrooms, set on wooden platforms. The spacious veranda in front of the tent is a safe place even to spend the night under the stars.

In addition to the tents in the lodge’u is dining room, lounge and kitchen which are housed in one building, allowing, among others, for casual conversation with the chef while preparing his meals. With a huge terrace, which features a fireplace, guests can enjoy unforgettable sunsets over the desert.

The lodge was built to allow guests the maximum rapprochement with the surrounding nature and its friendly ambiance is like transferred from the time of the first explorers of the African continent.

The Dunes Lodge – Located on the plateau dune, approx. 8 km. north of Dune Camp, with a stretching panoramic view of the desert which is unmatched.

The buildings that make up the lodge are made of wood and canvas and combine a cozy tent encampment with the convenience offered by a high-class hotel. Each of the nine cabins is equipped with a bathroom and a veranda.

The main building of the camp was completely modernized in 2003 and now consists of: two lounges, a library, two dining rooms, a wine cellar, a tea house, several terraces and fire pits. Next to the building is a swimming pool and recreational area.

A special attraction of The Dunes Lodge is an apartment, through the windows of which you can admire the surrounding mountains. It offers so luxurious a stay, that one can easily spend several days in a row in it.

Personal camp – located in a quiet valley apartment, designed for up to four people. It’s almost the perfect place for a romantic getaway for pairs of lovers, looking for a place to relax away from civilization and tourists filled hotels, in an atmosphere of complete privacy and seclusion.

For guests not limited to these outside like relaxation, did not provide any further distractions. Here you can spend time reading a book from the local bookshelves, strolling around or preparing meals with service provided by food products. It is also possible to hire a chef who will prepare meals.

Persons wishing to take advantage of the welcome in this unusual place, we also spend a few days in lodges or Dunes Dune Camp Lodge and take advantage of all of their activities.

The apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, porch, living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen. The building was made of wood and canvas.

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