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Morocco Royal style


Author: Marek Mazur

Morocco Royal style

Marrakech – The airport was rather small for such a big city, maybe a bit annoying during passport customs, but thankfully young people (my age) can remember earlier times that were worse – queues and distrustful customs officials screening you his eyes like radar, trying to read our thoughts and seeking God only knows what in our passports. Here, every time the story ends, however with a broad smile of Mr. official. Because our intentions are sincere and legitimate.

However, I missed the pleasure described above, for the second time my trip to Morocco was starting with spending a few nights in the Royal Hotel, the Royal Mansour. Guests of this sanctuary of luxury, which is actually owned by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and the Moroccans who set foot on his land are treated exceptionally. History of the typical passport does not apply. All matters are dealt with on the spot and quickly, as we wait quietly in the VIP room. Luggage migrates straight from the plane to a waiting limousine before the airport building. Coming to Royal Mansour Marrakech, I pass part of the new streets which are usually crowded and chaos reigns on them. Countless scooters are passing us from all sides like a gaggle of bees, most of the cars passing by outside the window of our comfort S-class limousines, experienced its glory years in the days of Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Certainly, it has its own charm and is the first, very characteristic showcase of northern Africa. After less than a quarter of an hour ride we pass the first walls of the Royal Mansour it is a minute to reach the majestic height of a 6 meter gate. As it turns out, the gate is of importance not only practical, but mostly symbolic. Passing it we are entering a different space-time. Royal Mansour is so wonderful, beautiful, mystical, it is difficult to describe it without being endowed with poetic abilities, sensitive to beauty and art and imagination worthy of the bard Giambatisty Marini. The fortress is fantastically located in the heart of the bustling city, dividing it in half.

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Exiting the walls of the Royal Mansour to the east, we find ourselves on the edge of the old town and the medina, the western exit turn leads to a new part of Marrakech. I recommend to you the natural charms of its old part. It is colorful, and full of life for nearly 24 hours. It’s full of people, stalls and shops with real treasures. Our vision attracted great handicrafts, metalwork, silver, but also the wonderful materials and fabrics, rugs, mirrors, lamps and other items for interior decoration. Crafted furniture is an important part of the tradition. Everything is beautiful and original design full of details and colors. It is amazing that at the time of globalization and widespread mechanization of all of these items are still the work of human hands. Hammer and punch, chisel and anvil are essential attributes of these artists – the name artisan does not reflect entirely artisan skills and artistry with which they are create works of art. Some of the interesting and original items gos to the markets of the Medina of traders who spend their caravans consisting often of several dozen camels in the depths of the desert. Such expeditions are often dangerous and it happens sometimes that not all of them come back. The desert surrounds civilization and yet in its territory is governed by immutable principles of a thousand years. This is a place for a hard and resistant people, not just physically but especially mentally. During these trips, most often lasting 60 to 80 days, traders exchange everyday items and dry food for real works of art, Berber villages are encountered. Naturally, a lot of things received are also according to the previously made orders. However, each of the objects, vessels and sculptures has its own history behind human toil and effort, but many of them are real antiques from many, many years ago. For Berbers living in inaccessible oasis it is often unnecessary things in their daily lives in Medina and gain a different meaning and value. Some of them, listed as usual “cap figs” are real works of art.

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Getting to know their stories and being able to assess their beauty with pleasure we reach deeper into your wallet. But remember that haggling in the Arab tradition is just as natural as trade itself.So do not be afraid of this and always offer the given price. With a glass of sweet Arabic tea usually we come to an agreement. Most often no higher than 60% of the proposed price at the outset.

Medina surprises, stuns and initially introduces us to a state of confusion. It works for us at the same time tens of incentives. Despite the narrow streets, the traffic reigning there can cause a headache. Thousands of tourists from around the world, mixed with locals, among them crazy drivers, cyclists and scooters. Everywhere is full of them, moving without rhyme or reason. They pass almost nudging elbows with mirrors rotated toward the center of the steering wheel to fit in the narrowest gap. But being repeatedly in Morocco, I was never witness to any accident, fall or collision. They already have it in the blood and the chaos is a system. Certainly, I will never be able to decipher it. Even today I am not sure, though I will visit Morocco many times, There is one Allah (God willing). This is a typical expression that we hear out there, making plans for the future, as the next day.

After returning from the crazy Medina I’m happy to find the Royal Mansour. I inhabit the same three-Riad an area of about 200 sq. m., with a beautiful rooftop terrace with swimming pool. The hotel consists solely of such forms of accommodation. The smallest of them have an area of approximately 150 sq. m., but there are also residences of several hundred sq. m. Morocco currently is rich in many 5 * hotels and the more luxurious. Many of you know for example. Four Seasons, La Mammounia or Amman Resort, some of you may have heard already about the new Mosaic – they are all very comfortable. Marrakech provides a very comfortable accommodation in hundreds of traditional, in some cases, also a luxury riad. However, the Royal Mansour is and will unquestionably beat all the best and most beautiful. The Royal Mansour determines the level of luxury. This will be confirmed by any manager or member of handling all of the above mentioned hotels. In this kind of competition, everyone respectfully pays tribute and appreciates the work which the walls of the fortress in the heart of Marrakech, created by the King. Every item located there arose only for this place. All fabrics have been specially woven for the Royal Mansour. Every piece of furniture was handmade and custom designed by the best royal architects. We will not find here any object, which can be purchased at any store in Morocco. Royal Mansour is not only a unique place – there everything is unique. A certain danger for the visitors is the fact that after staying at the Royal Mansour, any other hotel we have to compare it – and every other will pale in comparison. I personally know really few others scattered around the world that can compare with it, but hush-hush, because even the King finds out …

Royal Mansour 04 Royal Mansour 06

Believe that they would me like to write about this place more and more, just as it is conveyed? They cause me hesitation and fear that their words can distort or type inadvertently this hotel as a stereotype of the typical often read “outrage and an echo” of other, supposedly “luxury” or “different luxury” hotel reviewed in many publications or on the websites of all kinds of giants, “peanuts”, canaries and other sails – and God knows what else. Human ingenuity can do something to beautify and sell on strength to no bounds. So I decided to not write another word about Royal Mansour, because it deserves all these honors together and do not take the responsibility to describe it. Ideally, see it for yourself – and I feel almost certain that you will share my opinion!

Royal Mansour 05

Hint: your stay in Marrakech can be ideally combined with an earlier foray to Paris. Spending for example. Three nights in the capital of love, we can “teleport” you directly, on a relatively short flight to Marrakech and experience the visit to King for a few days. Such a mixture of sensations, colors, flavors and cultures certainly do you well! Just save a few free days, maybe a week. Believe me, it’s worth it, oh well worth it. And I, after 5 days of debauchery in true royal style, with regret and a deep sigh, leaving the Royal Mansour. I know that next year I will be going back, if only for two nights. There is one Allah.

Meanwhile, a rented car (almost all the significant Rentals have offices at the airport in Marrakech, you can rent a car also online before departure or with the help of advisers at Luxury Travel). You can travel to Morocco, on your own, without a driver, be but armed with a good map. It is a safe country, the roads are pretty good quality, after moving out of the Marrakesh leave the chaotic traffic behind. If you do not want to choose the desert or traverse difficult terrain, just an ordinary passenger car will do. The car driven 4 × 4 is required only in exceptional places in the desert or high in the mountains – although there the roads, despite the fact that there are few, there are many places will reach without any problem. It is a very diverse country.


On the way from Marrakesh we pass the rocky steppes, dry like ashes, and after a while enter grounds with lush greenery. By climbing a good, paved road in the Atlas mountains, we pass the eternally snow-capped peaks. Sometimes, with luck, you may come across a snowstorm. Then it is best to turn off the road and wait one or two days, or choose a different path. The choice is not big, but whichever way we go out there, amazing views and unwavering spaces are waiting for us. Note, however, that it gets dark relatively early. The Atlas mountains are amazing, magical landscapes like from another planet. Their steppes are immense and fascinating. Not without reason many mega Hollywood producers produced in Morocco. When replacing only the most known as Gladiator, Asterix and Obelix, Game of Thrones, Berber, several sci-fi productions and much more.


On the way, somewhere in the Atlas mountains, I am stopped by a young man dressed in traditional Moroccan attire. As a person always willing to help, seeing a car with the hood raised, I stop. I wonder, however, the car is almost new, inside sits a second youth. But the decision is difficult, brakes began to work. The boy comes up and speaks to me in French, asking for help and transportation for themselves to Quarzazate. His companion will remain in place, guarding the car. I agree with minor concerns. However, as time once again shows that it is worth helping him. The young man turns out to be very nice, he is a musician and student. His father is the owner of more than a hundred camels and caravans. They also have a gift shop in the city center. Reaching the end, I was invited to the house for a glass of tea. The father is in his 50s, he proves to be very interesting and cheerful person. Before entering the house we take off your shoes and we place on comfortable cushions in carefully prepared carpeted room. The board had established tea in a beautiful silver jug. Ali – that’s his name – he tells me of their interests, family, camel and caravan, his travels and adventures. He shows me lots of pictures from expeditions with the caravan. His stories and experiences are fascinating. I reciprocate with stories about Europe, where Ali had never been. His son is leaving soon to Switzerland for a few gigs with his band.

After the hospitality he helps me in finding the right place for the night. As expected, it was not Royal Mansour but charming a riad in the Arabic style, the standard rate it was a pretty good 4 * it was tidy, traditionally – and there is wifi in the price! Kitchens that deserve 5 *. That evening I ate a delicious couscous with lamb sipping a tasty Moroccan red wine. In parting, Ali offered me that in exchange for helping his son tomorrow to take me on a tour in the most beautiful place in Quazazate. As it was to proven to be, the beauty and scenery that was supposed to be given to me to admire, a lot went beyond my imagination.

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast, according to the agreement came to Ali. We went to a distance of about 20 km. from the city oasis tucked picturesquely between mountains. Along the way we passed a traditional Arab bazaar, where residents of neighboring sourcing and quite remote villages and settlements Coming along a gravel, off-road route, from time to time we pass a woman carrying on her back a huge amount of greens (food for animals) or leading donkeys laden mercilessly. Men we met less often, and as I have rode scooters they age. Women in Morocco, outside Marrakesh, lead a difficult and hard life. Their day is raw and full employment. Men also work, but most of the time they spend talking, drinking tea with friends in one of the many tea houses or simply to hang out somewhere aimlessly and meditate. It is certainly an engaging mental occupation. According to the Moroccan tradition obligations are divided fairly. And as a wise man once said – fairness is not always equal.


Next we pass almost cosmic landscapes. Mountains and steppes black as tar covered with millions of stones and rocks. We pass by a makeshift, set out stone parking lots that serve the film crews for storage of equipment, breaking camps and park cars at the time of filming. They filmed in this area, as previously mentioned, countless films which in part I had the opportunity to watch in theaters or TV. At one point we see a fabulous oasis, tucked between the mountain peaks. We drive down the road beating a makeshift bridge. We leave our car and we go on the rest of the way on foot. It is true that we could go on, but Ali said, not without reason, that further views are better enjoyed walking. We reach the small, like the beginning I thought extinct settlement. Crossing the rocks sticking out of the water, a rapid stream of notice, however, few women doing the laundry. This is typical of Morocco. Nice view, I manage to take some pictures. We spend a few hours there, visiting a very cool and incredible Riad located there. The views from the terrace are amazing in delight, paddling pool for guests, a dozen small rooms, small, modestly but neatly decorated. But this place is visited not for luxury – a luxury in itself is their position. So for the brave, one night is a real adventure. An oasis is beautiful, the place really fascinated and I know it was worth it to know Ali, because I probably never would have got there on my own.


After returning to the city we said goodbye by drinking tea together, and how, in his shop. As a token of gratitude I made small purchases and continued my journey. I passed the wonders of nature, the views that even I put up in a stupor – and trust that many have seen. Every now and then I stood and I was shooting. Once I passed the most beautiful and breathtaking views, then something even more fascinating appeared. In Morocco landscape graduation is beautiful without end. Satiated that all the senses responsible for the aesthetic feelings, feeling free like a bird circling lightly over the canyons, I got to luxury, belonging to the Relais & Chateaux, the Kasbah Dar Ahlam Skoura around the city. Incredibly, luxurious, beautifully. The kitchen has great service at a very high level. Yes, I would recommend it as a holiday destination if you decide to go on a longer trip after leaving the Royal Mansour. Naturally, this route can also be held in a rented limousine with a driver or helicopter. You can also come full circle with another charming and romantic lunch on the Sahara, just for you two, in a separate special encampment. It is difficult to imagine an experience, this incredibly romantic and unique. The perfect choice for couples on honeymoon or wedding anniversaries. I Definitely recommend to those of you who like originality and unique nature. Gentlemen, I’m sure it’s a dream come true each of the women. And just one phone call and Luxury Travel Advisor will develop details for Your “royal” expedition dreams.

Slowly but inevitably my adventure in Morocco is coming to an end . There will remain after the next, beautiful memories, hundreds of photos and a sense that I have seen something beautiful, amazing. The world is full of color, joy and undiscovered places. Even those once already visited surprise me at other times of the year, so it’s worth coming back. I do, and never regret. Despite the fact that it was my turn, either from a trip to Morocco, I dare not say that I already know this country. Do not listen to most harmful stereotypes or hasty opinions, not only about Morocco. Get to know the world experiencing the fascination and cultures because really these are the most precious assets that we manage to collect. And I will leave Morocco royally with VIP briefing – finally visiting with the King himself.

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