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This unique hotel is a monument to the legendary wealth of the powerful Ottoman Empire. Enjoy views of the blue ribbon of the Bosphorus strait connecting the Orient with Europe overlooked ab...

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Nineteenth-century palace looks from the edge of Europe to Asia by the blue ribbon of the Bosphorus strait. Its interiors exude splendor again in a fresh, eclectic form. The magic of Istanbu...

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Century-old neoclassical building that was once a prison, hidden in the shadow of the Blue Mosque and the residence of the sultans in the Topkapi Palace, now offers its surroundings of simpl...

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Rising proudly above the most beautiful corner of the Bosphorus, a once respectable eighteenth-century mansion is now carefully rebuilt and restored to its former glory. Guests will relish ...

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Nestled amid Istanbul's historic luxury hotel Ritz-Carlton is part of the landscape of exclusive apartments, trendy boutiques and modern office homogeneously integrated into the mystical at...

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