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Velaa Private Island, Noonu Atoll

Velaa Private Island, Noonu Atoll

This private island is home to a luxurious resort, which embodies the very best of the archipelago. It is owned by one person, Jiri Smejc, who visited various islands, yet only Velaa met his expectations as a place for luxurious holidays. The hotel is built using local materials and both its design and architecture are inspired by local nature, especially sea turtles. This prestigious resort resembles a head of a turtle thanks to a Czech architect Petr Kolar. Luxurious villas are equipped with pools and sumptuously furnished. There are several dining venues, including Aragu, which is a gourmet restaurant where organic produce is used to prepare culinary masterpieces by a renowned chef Gaushan De Silva. In the wine cellar guests will find over 500 bins, which is the largest collection on Maldives. The resort boasts such vintages as the 1956 Domaine de la Romanée Conti “Romanée Conti” and the 1870 Blandy’s “Verdelho Solera”. This exclusive hotel offers a possibility to sail along the island on Weta trimaran or Topcat K1 catamaran or to visit dive sites 15 min from Velaa’s shore. Fishing enthusiasts may sail across the ocean in a boat equipped with state of the art equipment. There is also a 6-metre-high climbing wall. Relaxation is enhanced by yoga and meditation sessions held on a platform with a stunning view at lush gardens and a golf course. Inner calm is achieved thanks to a collection of exercises, postures and techniques.

Location: Velaa Private Island, 45 min journey from airport in Male.

Accommodation: 47 villas, houses and residences; 18 of them over water. Beach accommodation include: Beach Pool Villa, Deluxe Beach Pool Villa, Beach Pool House and Velaa Private Residence. Overwater accommodations includes: Sunrise Water Pool Villa, Sunset Deluxe Water Pool Villa, Ocean Pool House and Romantic Pool Residence.

Restaurants & bars: 6 options: Athiri, Avi, Tavaru, Wine Cellar, Aragu, Cru.

Facilities: library, exclusive boutiques, Lha Velaa Kids Club.

Sport & Recreation: water sports, diving, yoga and meditation, fitness, sailing, fishing, squash, badminton, beach volleyball, climbing wall, golf.

Spa: Asian-inspired therapies including Ayurveda, treatments based on holistic approach to wellness.

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