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Whatever you say about America, it is certainly an exceptional country. It’s not only a huge country, but also a phenomenon, which influences the eyes of the world. Not without reason, it is a country of great opportunities, including travel.

We have selected the most sophisticated destinations, in a land whose origin was a great adventure for its founders, a real adventure and discover a unique combination of features of all nations and cultures in the world, whose representatives built the United States. The third-largest country in the world, with an area of ​​over 9.5 million square kilometers licked by two oceans, has 50 states and one district with the area of ​​a medium-sized state is close to the size of Poland. In this vast country are a lot of amazing things: the phenomenal nature and impressive city in a stunning diversity. Among the wonders of America, we offer you places proving that diversity:

  • sunny Florida, a synonym for an idyllic holiday paradise even for Americans
  • Las Vegas, a city in the middle of the desert, and in it the whole world – from Venice on the Orient – exceptionally luxurious and spectacular, and at the same entertainment
  • Los Angeles, sunny land of the west coast, City of Angels and Hollywood stars,
  • New York, the very center of the world, forming a forest of towering skyscrapers skyline incomparable to anything else.
  • Bahamas an unforgettable holiday in a tropical paradise, the dream of millions of people worldwide.

Journey into one of these places will enchant you with the richness of a truly American style – extremely impressive surroundings, excellent cuisine and a choice of the best in the world.

Pure relaxation and comfort.

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