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Uganda is a country of contrasts. Just half a day is enough to drive through the fog covered volcanic mountains to the hot savannah, full of wildlife. The picturesque hills of tea plantations, lush jungles and rainforests. Small birds – sunbirds – shimmering in the light of the morning, a huge elephant disappearing among the trees like a ghost, chimpanzees frolicking somewhere in the treetops, a thoughtful gorilla in bamboo thickets. The serpentine shimmering ribbon and the northward piercing Nile. Snow-capped peaks of tropical landscapes, sandy beaches. And smiling faces all around. It’s a real treat for all the senses. This is the real Africa!

Day 1. Entebbe
Upon arrival in Entebbe in the arrivals hall you will be greeted by a representative of Luxury Travel. Then you go to the hotel. Accommodation with breakfast in 2 Friends Beach Hotel.

Day 2. Bwindi Park
After an early breakfast, drive with a personal driver at the airport in Entebbe. From there we recommend you to Bwindi Park, where mountain gorillas live. Then you go to Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge. Age of tropical forest in Park Bwindi is determined to be around 25,000 years old, making it one of the most biodiverse habitats in Africa. Mountain park is situated at an altitude from 1,200 to 2,600 m. Five rivers and high annual rainfall, moisture reigns there. The main attraction of the National Park are mountain gorillas in Bwindi, but 120 other species of mammals also live there, 350 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies and more than 200 species of trees grow here. The lodge is located high up in the shadow of three volcanoes, on the edge of the park. It offers unique views of the western Rift Valley. It consists of 8 comfortable stone cottages with fireplaces. The chef regales guests gourmet cuisine prepared with local produce. With a glass of good wine, you can stroll around the lush gardens, rest in peace in the cozy library or on the veranda with views of the volcanoes.

One of the objectives of Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is to protect the mountain gorilla, which also benefits the local community Nkuringo having a significant part in this project. In the afternoon, we invite you to walk to a nearby settlement. Overnight in the Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

Day 3. Bwindi Park
This morning wake up early to a hearty breakfast that will provide the energy needed in tracking gorillas. At approx. 8:00, with a guide and an armed ranger, you go forth to welcome adventure. You will wade through the thicket full of thick vines, paving the way with sharp machetes. The expedition can last up to 7 hours and a certain degree of physical fitness and comfortable shoes are required. When you will find a group of gorillas, you leave bags of eatables at a safe distance and armed with camera equipment you get close to these gentle giants! You sit down in the forest, near the gorillas, observing their behavior and listening to how they communicate. You will be amazed at the size of the dominant male. It’s a great feeling to sit in a dense rainforest, knowing that it is in the company of a herd very few left in the world of mountain gorillas. Unfortunately, there are only approximately 650 of this species remaining. You will stay among them for about an hour. Then you go way back to lodge’y.

Day 4. Queen Elizabeth Park
After breakfast you go walk to the Buhoma, where your guide will go to Ishasha. Transportation via the scenic route will take approximately 1 hour. On site you will admire the lions. Overnight in Ishasha Wilderness Camp with full board and drinks included.

Day 5. Surroundings Fort Portal
After breakfast you travel a distance of about 3 hours away Kyaninga, close to Fort Portal.
Kyaninga Lodge is concentrated around the main camp. From here paths branch out to 8 spacious and comfortable cabins, ensuring complete privacy. Each is equipped with a comfortable bed, a place to relax, private terrace and comfortable bathroom. The villas have a splendid view of the lake. Overnight in Kyaninga Lodge. During your stay you will have a guaranteed full board with drinks.

Day 6. Park Semliki
After breakfast you go all the way to Kibale. There you will have the opportunity to get to know other fascinating creatures – chimpanzees. These are the most similar to the human of all living species on earth. It’s a very interesting and fun experience. Chimpanzees love mischief and fun. They are bustling animals. A walk on a network of shady forest paths will provide much joy for nature lovers. It will also be an opportunity to observe the many beautiful and rare bird species. You see also forest elephants, buffalo, giant wild pigs and a half-dozen species of antelope. It will be a beautiful and interesting day!

Then you complete your Semliki Wildlife Reserve, located in the western Rift Valley. It is the oldest protected area in Uganda and one of the most diverse in Africa, with a blend of riparian forests, rainforest, palm, short and tall grass savannah. Chimpanzees, elephants, lions, buffaloes and other animal species live there. In the valley of the Wassa you will find a small and luxurious Semliki Safari Lodge. Waiting for you are 8 luxury cabins / tents comfortably furnished with large and comfortable four-post beds, Persian carpets and bathrooms. At night you will hear the roar of a lion or leopard hunting for baboons. Within the lodge’s swimming pool is a quiet place to relax.The meals are always prepared with fresh, local produce. Overnight in Semliki Safari Lodge. The price includes meals, non-premium spirits, soft drinks and two trips to safari day.

Day 7. Park, Semliki
After an early start and a hearty breakfast, you go forth on a boat trip on Lake Albert to see the Shoebill rare. This unusual bird resembles a cross between the dodo and the dinosaur. The lake is beautiful. You will pass dunes, shimmering colors of the cliffs, colonies of colorful red bees, original fishing villages. After completing a trip you go on your way back through the palm forest and savannah, where you will have the opportunity to observe different species of birds. After lunch and a rest – choose from an afternoon game drive or walk in the woods and admire the sunset. Overnight in Semliki Safari Lodge.

Day 8. Park Kidepo Valley, northern Uganda
After breakfast and check-out personal driver will take you to the airport. Flight to Entebbe, and then in the direction of Kidepo Valley National Park. You will be greeted by the driver on the helipad Apoka Safari Lodge. This beautiful lodge is located in Kidepo Valley National Park. It offers 10 luxury tents with wooden floors, hot water and comfortable furniture. From the outside, carved in the rock bath, a fantastic view. Staff from the local community – Apoka is a unique place, with a family atmosphere and authentic character. The nearby waterhole attracts a lot of animals that can be seen from the terrace. During your stay you will have a guaranteed full board drinks and alcohol non-premium, two trips per day on safari in the price.

Day 9. Park Kidepo Valley, northern Uganda
Walking safaris or in 4 wheel drive cars along the sandy, dry riverbed. During the safari you will be tracking predators such as; Lions, cheetahs, see herds of zebras, buffaloes, monkeys and many other animals. Overnight in Apoka Safari Lodge.

Day 10. Island Bulago
After an early morning meal, go on a safari. After returning enjoy a nutritious lunch. Then, after checking out, departure from Kidepo to Entebbe. After landing you go you with a personal driver, and then by boat to the legendary Pineapple Bay, Bulago Island. This 500-acre island is a paradise on Earth. With spectacular scenery, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, tropical forests, green clearings. While staying at Pineapple Bay will have you ensured full board.

Day 11. Bulago island
That day you visit Ngamba Chimp Sanctuary, where treated delivered from the bondage and early chimpanzees. You will participate in their morning feeding. Overnight at Pineapple Bay.

Day 12. Departure from Entebbe
After breakfast we will go by boat to the mainland and then you will be taken to the airport in Entebbe on the return flight to Europe.

The price for the program depends on the number of persons and date of departure and the availability of hotels.

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