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The mystical world of the Orient at the gates of Europe. Turkey is full of alluring exoticism, a great wealth of culture and fabulous landscapes, so different from its nearby countries. A country that is heir to the powerful Ottoman Empire, is today a very interesting place, whose experience is not unusual. By choosing to take a walk there is the impression that it was still south of Europe, to suddenly come across a soaring minaret tower and coming from her melodious call.

Residents of Turkey are almost exclusively Muslim, although their approach to Islam is not as stringent as in the Arab countries and the Turks themselves are characterized by far-reaching openness and tolerance.

Turkish cookery is not just a kebab, which never tastes as good as in its homeland, but a wonderful combination of influences of cuisine of the Mediterranean countries of the Arab penchant for sweet, juicy fruit and a strong taste of coffee and tea.

It is a very warm country with phenomenal weather, full of ancient monuments and phenomenally beautiful spots. Nature has created here such amazing landscapes, almost lunar, the peppered with rock chimneys Cappadocia, or a glowing blue lagoon nestled in the arms of its soaring green peaks.

Turkey is the splendor of the East, which is nowhere near.

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