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The company Trans-Siberian Express, which on the Polish market offers Luxury Travel is the leader in luxury travel by rail in Russia, China and Canada. For over 13 years the Siberian route, with over 10,000 kilometers, travels flagship product, which is a private train Trans-Siberian Express.

The company has now expanded its range of new directions – China, after which the train travels to China Orient Express, and Canada. China presented its “jewel” in the form of the Silk Road, as well as new routes to Hong Kong – Beijing, including a cruise on the Yangtze River and the famous Three Gorges. Canada proposes a route through the Rocky Mountains and a special, lasting 10 days drive from Calgary to Vancouver ultra-premium Royal Canadian Pacific train.

To offer you as many possibilities for a real adventure experience, the company has decided to launch in 2007, the Shangri-La Express riding on the “roof of the world” – Tibet. This will be the first private passenger train with up to six new destinations in Tibet.


Express of Trans-Siberian

There are many types Trans-Siberian exit packages that offer travel agencies abroad. However, trains serving these routes offer only basic features that should meet every train. Our proposedTrans-Siberian Express is the only private overground train on this route having Delux class cabins with bathroom and shower, comfortable and spacious double compartments and providing a dining car with a bar.

China Orient Express

Chinese Orient Express is today the most exclusive private overground train in China. Its owners have made every effort to ensure that this hotel on wheels is a real showcase of splendor and historical and cultural heritage of China. The Chinese, as a nation currently undergoing the biggest change in the world have a lot to show and offer. Many of the attractions of this country can not be seen when traveling by plane or car, but that China Orient Express was created just to go where others can not. The train is fully air-conditioned, has luxury double compartments and a dining car and bar.



Russia – the largest country in the world, with an area of ​​over 17 million square kilometers. It covers 11 time zones and stretching from the Baltic to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the deserts bordering with the Caspian Sea.

The vastness of this country reflects the example of the sunrise over Moscow and the West over the Bering Sea. For generations Russia amazed and interested people with its history, through which intertwine events such as the great revolution or the rise and fall of the USSR. Characters such as Catherine the Great, Lenin, Stalin in different ways, but certainly permanently etched into the pages of history around the world. At the moment changes taking place in Russia are among the largest in the history of this country and this is probably the best time for the full experience and discover the Trans-Siberian railway journey, into this country.


China is situated in Asia bordering with Russia, Vietnam, Burma and Laos. Through this country flow three main rivers Huang Ho, Yangtze and the Mekong. The capital of China is Beijing, which is next to Shanghai and Guangzhou, it is the largest and most populous town. China started the first civilization in the world and like no other country can boast historical sources dating back to 3500 years ago!

The history of China begins in October 1, 1949 with the proclamation of the year by Mao Zedong and the establishment of Beijing as the capital. Currently, a process of transformation of China’s centralized economy to a more free market is taking place. Despite the huge upheavals that brought China to the twentieth century (introduction of the first republic, then communism), social life is most influenced by Confucian tradition, with its emphasis on harmony, moderation and Peacefulness in the life of the individual and society.

Wonderful examples of the diversity of China can be experienced by travel by train through China on the Orient Express. Shanghai, with its modern design, great parks and the forbidden city, where as if time stood still a few centuries ago and ultramodern Hong Kong, the bustling streets of Beijing – and on the opposite side plunged into complete silence of the Gobi Desert. Watch all these places in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury lets you ride the Orient Express Chinese.


Mongolia, the ancient kingdom of Genghis Khan, emerged from the darkness of communism and is now open to the world. Today, Mongolia is a place that still hides many secrets ready to cover by tourists and adventurers who come here always will leave fully satisfied.

The biggest cultural and sporting event in Mongolia is held every year: the Naadam festival, where contestants compete in three disciplines: wrestling, archery and horse riding. Participants will flock to Ulan Bator on this occasion from different parts of Mongolia, which are often distant from the capital several hundred kilometers. Interesting fact: in horse racing children can participate at the age of 5 years!

Full amenities, private Trans-Siberian Express train, riding among others, by the famous Gobi Desert, will take you on a nearly two-week expedition, which aims to watch the Nadaam Festival, held annually on 11-13 of July. Racing horses and yaks and demonstrations of ancient weapons during the Festival will bring to mind the glory days of Genghis Khan …

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