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Spain is the kingdom of sunshine and warm seas, the land on the edge of Europe, where on the south on the horizon looms the coast of Africa. Her wealth is impassable, with very nice weather and the in incredible diversity of its cities the fiery flamenco resounds and life goes on to just the right rhythm.

Its vastness of monuments makes Spain the second country in the world in terms of number of sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but – given the number of its unique cities included on this prestigious list – this country is second to none.

North of the kingdom is its capital in Barcelona, ​​the heart of an extremely culturally rich Catalonia. Just when it seems to us, that we have seen all the wonders of this city another corner opens up before us, which radiates beauty. Fairytale facades of houses made of Gaudi, an artist whose work is still unfinished – a fancy cathedral Sagrada Familia – it is the center of a multicultural metropolis.

The south of Spain is a land of scorching heat called Andalusia. Its proximity to the Black Continent tempted once militant Arabs to go forth and conquer Europe, but the long reign of the emirs is still preserved in the beautiful sights of sophisticated Islamic art, which dots the little oriental land.

The crowning achievement of the Muslim heritage of Andalusia is the small city of Granada, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It is here that the Arab caliphs with mathematical precision and raised the artistic finesse gem of Moorish architecture – the Alhambra, a beguilingly beautiful fortified palace. Granada is not the capital of Andalusia, Seville it. There another suprise awaits you: one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world, whose bell tower is a minaret of an ancient mosque characteristic of northern Africa square silhouette, which surprisingly nicely fits in with a soaring Christian temple.

Off the coast of Andalusia, the legendary Costa del Sol you can see Morocco, with the sea that divides the two continents emerges a tall, slender rock Jabal al-Tariq (Mountain of Tariq) – Gibraltar. At the foot of the huge limestone it formed one of the most densely populated cities in the world located – like the whole island – in the possession of the British crown. Inside the characteristic mountain runs a network of both natural and man-made tunnels and caves, once being the last refuge of the Neanderthals, later the heavily guarded argue with that observed in the strategic Strait. Much of the Rock of Gibraltar includes a nature reserve in which live, among others, a particular species of macaques. These monkeys are surrounded by loving care of the British army, since then the picturesque island has long been the subject of envious glances of rulers of the Kingdom of Spain.

Spain is a charmingly exotic country in Europe, the homeland of open and cheerful people who above all value fun, delicious wine, tomatos, food, and … rest and a leisurely lifestyle, which is worth remembering, when tasting the richness of this country we will feel like we are on daily siesta time.

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