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Beautiful land on the far south of Africa, flows around the Indian Ocean waters, which once brought the ships of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, giving rise to a colony of the existing few centuries. His legacy is still perfectly visible here.

This country, on whose flag recently appeared an unusual object – a machine gun – is the home of the poor, but very friendly and open people. By placing the weapons symbol on the flag, they expressed their pride in recently-won independence. The difficult fate of this country is slowly moving towards improvement and its inhabitants perceive their chance for development and tourism, which involves the rediscovery of the still unsung treasures: its nature.

The vast savannahs of Mozambique, overgrown with exotic trees and harboring equally exotic animals – white rhinos, zebras, monkeys, ibises and flamingos – meet with the ocean on the wonderful, wild beaches. Near the coast of Mozambique, on the intense blue waters there are phenomenally beautiful archipelagos of islands, for example. Surrounded by a colorful coral reef Bazaruto Archipelago is a secluded and very picturesque Quirimbas Archipelago. There are huge quantities of shrimp, which – prepared in various ways – is the national delicacy, although the variety of extremely rich cuisine of Mozambique, full of exotic fruit, is impressive. Mozambique is still a place of pristine, secluded paradise of Africa with tempting, transparent, unprecedented color, hiding the true treasures of the waters, sounding a note of Portuguese culture in this exotic corner of the world, as well as the possibility of exploring the beauty that was given to be seen by a few.

We highly recommend an exclusive stay in luxurious villas overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mozambique!

Currency: Metical (MZN)

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