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The place where the two hemispheres meet, on the edge of a large valley which once divided Africa, created on the surface of 24,600 hectares lies an unusual camp. Near the cliff is the main camp, where there are 7 bedrooms with private bathrooms, from private terraces spreads a remarkable view of the countryside. The camp has a swimming pool, tennis court, as well as a secluded spa center.

Within half an hour from the camp guests can enjoy Star Loza – a total of six wooden platforms on which under the vastness of a starry sky is set the bed. These amazing bedrooms partially covered with a thatched roof, providing access to their own bathrooms. Also, a bit further from the main camp is a house Loisaba, whose interiors are three bedrooms. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which features a swimming pool. Guests at this house, because of the distance from the main camp, are provided with their own off-road vehicle. The last proposal is the residence of Loisaba – a very exclusive house, built of boulders and thatch on the edge of the cliff. Breathtaking surroundings and decor andthat’s not all, because it is suspended on a cliff overlooking the amazing pool, the view, thanks to an optical illusion, stretches into infinity.

On the Loisaba areas freely roam wild animals, giving guests a truly close contact with nature. Routes connecting parts of the camp are walking elephants, lions and leopards. You can also find here unique species such as the Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and gerenuk. Guests of the camp Loisaba enjoy full freedom to spend time with but can go for rides in the bush on the back of camels, mountain bike tours, Ewaso Nyiro river rafting or horseback riding or off-road vehicles traversing canyons in two nearby rivers.

Fascinating animals and birds, guests will be able to watch both day and under cover of night, venture on a hike or car safari, and by small aircraft the neighborhood will reveal its beauty also from the air. Excursion into the bush will be a great opportunity to be served breakfast or afternoon tea in an unusual environment. Loisaba is a combination of not only luxury and harmony with nature, but a place where you can experience both the many thrilling adventures and relax in an oasis of tranquility.

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