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Argentina and Brazil, that Tango and Cash


Author: Andrzej Tkaczow

Argentina and Brazil, that Tango and Cash

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Those who are thinking about a short, but very intense vacation, should consider Brazil and Argentina. It’s the perfect combination of cultural traditions and history of some crazy day today.

I started the journey from the city that made ​​me very overwhelmed. Sao Paulo is a metropolis with a population of twenty million, in which more than 7 million cars are on the road, and at subway stations are special employees who “are forcibly packing” passengers to as many people as could fit in the car. But on the other hand it is the best place to have some fun and eat well. A man who does not have a guide and knows exactly how to get around the city, there will experience the pleasure of your stay.


After a weekend spent in a mad Sao Paulo I needed a little relaxation and closeness to nature. Therefore, I went to the famous Iguazu Falls, which lie exactly on the border between Argentina and Brazil. This is one of the wonders of the world, which is a must see, and you will never forget it. In this unique place on both sides of the border is home to 275 waterfalls. We need two days to see everything worth seeing, and know all things, for example. Helicopter flight over waterfalls, rafting and swimming in the waterfall. There are many hotels where you can stay, but only two deserve attention. On the Brazilian side is Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, boutique hotel, the only one located in the national park. It offers rooms overlooking the waterfall, first-class service and the best cuisine. However, on the Argentine side we recommend the Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa.Service can not be matched this with Belmond, but the rooms with balconies have a beautiful view of the waterfall and “devil’s throat”.

Alvear Palace

The next point of my trip is Buenos Aires, one of the largest agglomerations in South America. The capital of Argentina is a mix of wealth and poverty. This is the place where tango is danced in the streets, and football is alive around the clock. In this city are juicy steaks, red wine and yerba mate. I stayed at Hotel Park Tower Luxury Collection, housed in the center, close to the neighborhoods most worth seeing are Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, La Boca and Puerto Madero. The location is important because the city covers an area of 200 sq. km.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is also best visited with a guide that will show you its unique side. It will certainly impress you with the Recoleta district. This important tourist and cultural center, one of the most affluent neighborhoods, where the most expensive real estate is located. This area is also of great historical and architectural importance, mainly due to the Recoleta Cemetery. There is no question about the stone slabs placed flush with the grass. Instead, there are the graves of most important and influential residents of Argentina: scientists, war heroes and prominent politicians, including several presidents. A place worth seeing.

01 Belmond Copacabana

The guide takes me to Porto Madero, the youngest neighborhood with the best restaurants, trendy shops, which focuses on the whole life of contemporary Buenos Aires. It is in this district we find extraordinary boutique hotel Faena. It’s the perfect place for people who like to have fun and relax at the same time. I had the pleasure to participate there in a delicious dinner, combined with a Tango Show. Shows dissimilar to that previously seen in the theater Carlos Gardel, but worth a look. The best, yet most beautiful hotel in Buenos Aires and most luxurious in the whole of Argentina, is the Alvear Palace. Built in 1932, it has witnessed many extraordinary events. The best French cuisine, excellent service, great location, and many other advantages affects the uniqueness of this place.

Another highlight of my program was a flight to Rio de Janeiro. Since childhood I wanted to go there and experience the true atmosphere of South America. This is where I felt that which wakes up in me the party animal. The city that never sleeps, a city where a lot of movies are filmed, the city, which hosts the best events, including carnival.

03 Belmond Copacabana

In Rio de Janeiro we recommend Belmond luxury hotel Copacabana Palace. In operation since 1923 and according to the Official Guide is the most comfortable hotel in Latin America. It is inhabited by many celebrities and people from the front pages of newspapers. Monarchs, magnates and oligarchs, and in recent years also football stars, film and music. Therefore, it must be a special place. It is for this hotel are banished Justin Biber, who took a party of thirty girls in the apartment with the famous black pool. Also I was there and say, you may only envy such an event! The main pool of the hotel, where they serve the best drinks, made a big impression on me, like the newly renovated apartments. I missed just a cigar to feel like a movie.

2 p Sugarloaf Mountain - Sugarloaf

Rio is a mix of old and new, poverty and wealth. It is easy to notice the division of society. Visit the poor neighborhoods called. favelas, reminds me constantly that here “cash is the king”. In the evenings, but the best I felt for cashacą filled with samba party with the locals. In preparation for the FIFA World Cup has made the city a lot to both visitors and residents feel safe.

Copacabana Beach is the most popular beach in Rio, where the city’s best restaurants, clubs and hotels are located. In addition to the Copacabana Palace, I recommend also hotels in Windsor networks, for example. Windsor Atlantica and Miramar Beach. Their beautiful apartments with sea views and panoramic views of Copacabana delight everyone. Also in these hotels they stop at famous people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, who are frequent guests here.


From Copacabana beach adjacent to Ipanema. It is worth noting the Hotel Fasano, the only luxury boutique hotel of this class at the seaside in Rio. Due to the intimate nature is very well liked by music stars. Lady Gaga and Madonna stayed here, as did members of Metallica and many other people from show business. Celebrities usually rent an entire floor for themselves. Fasano has a unique atmosphere and decor, I recommend it!
While in Rio, it is necessary to take a trip to two famous places. Sugarloaf Mountain or Sugarloaf, the mountain height of 396 m., which is reached by cable car and from which stretches a beautiful view of the city. Another place is Corcovado – granite mountain with a height of 710 meters.

smaller - Ponta dos Ganchos

At the top stands the famous statue of Jesus Christ, who was considered one of the new seven wonders of the world. Both places himself among the so-called must see list. For lovers of football mecca will Maracana belongs to the largest and most famous stadiums in the world. After a few days of sightseeing in Rio, the samba lessons and games until dawn, I found solace in the south of the country – in the fabulous scenery Ponta dos Ganchos.

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