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Andalusia – mohito, fiesta and siesta


Author: Marek Mazur

Andalusia – mohito, fiesta and siesta


I was very pleased when the timetable Warsaw Chopin Airport entered the Norwegian lines, with its direct connections to Malaga. It truly is a cheap airline, but offers more legroom than other low-cost airlines, upon check in the Norwegian operation is not as restrictive as its competitors. In total, they share one thing – the fact that for refreshments on board you have to pay. Norwegian offers even free Wi-Fi on board, and that’s a rarity.Signal strength is not enough to watch movies, but is suitable for downloading e-mails and reading the news from the information pages. It is worth noting that to Malaga we also have a direct connection with Ryanair from Wroclaw and Krakow. This is a great attraction for all lovers of sunshine throughout the year. In just a four hour flight you can move into the sunniest, even “African” edge of Europe.

Andaluzja-artykul_Marbella Club Hotel

Costa Del Sol, also called by golfers Costa del Golf, offers beautiful, sunny mornings and days almost 12 months of the year. Very rarely does the temperature fall below 20 degrees C there. Why Costa del Golf? Because nowhere in the world is such a small area with so many golf courses! This piece of beautiful Andalusia on the coast between Malaga and Gibraltar, offers fans of the green sport more than 50 classes and very different golf courses. So from Marbella those farthest are within 1 hour drive by car. And the most you can reach even a few minutes. It is a paradise for golfers. Luxury Travel has direct contacts to the best golf courses and preferential rates, which in packages with luxury hotel is a real treat for golf fans and their families, who may at this time want to see the thousands of attractions that await guests of this wonderful corner of Spain.

In the evening I landed in Malaga. Spain welcomed me with a delicate touch of warm coastal wind. At the airport the driver was waiting for me with a New BMW 7 Series and drove me to the Hotel Puente Romano,the road took about 40 minutes. It’s a beautiful luxury hotel in Marbella, next to the sea. It offers guests accommodation in a very comfortable and spacious rooms and suites in a beautiful, lush garden. The architecture of the hotel refers to a typical Andalusian building. The variety of dining options includes a restaurant featuring the famous chef Dani Garcia, honored with two Michelin stars, which will provide a wonderful dining experience and entertainment. There is also a spacious area with several tennis courts and one main court, in which are played major international tournaments with the participation of the first rocket rankings. With the Puente Romano a few minutes on foot is all it takes to reach the sister hotel and icons coast of Spain – fantastic Marbella Beach Club. These luxury resorts belong to one owner, so guests can use the facilities of both hotels. From the beautiful sandy beach they are separated by only a walking promenade. The advantage is also their location.

Andaluzja-artykul_Stare miasto w Marbelli

The center can can be reached in 5 minutes, while in the opposite direction, just a quarter of an hour away is the famous Puerto Banus, Marbella’s crazy district. In this port of moored yachts estimated to be Worth often tens of millions of euros. Bentley limousine cars parked and RR adjacent to the cars of Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bugatti. In the first line of the shore you will find boutique brands such as Gucci, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, and that’s not all! Next to restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and more. More than a dozen bars. On the other hand, the line waiting for you is already true madness. You will feel like after crossing the gates of hell, entering the world of bars and clubs. You will be able to go crazy with live music, but also the rhythm of the greatest hit DJs. Puerto Banus some love, others just one visit. However, you have to go there to see and spend a few hours, preferably the evenings-by night. Lovers of more melodic tones with a bit of luck will find a show worshiped in Spain, Julio Iglesias or the biggest stars of disco music and pop 80s and 90.

About 8 kilometers east of Puerto Banus is the center of Marbella. Going from the sea slightly uphill, crossing a major thoroughfare, glued lots of boutiques and shops, drugstores and restaurants, we reach the old part of town. It is crisscrossed with dozens of narrow streets designed only for pedestrians. This area has an extremely charming architecture and romantic district. The white walls of a typical Andalusian buildings contrast with lush vegetation and colorful flowers spilling from above onto the sidewalks by residents and restaurateurs. From time to time we get to the hidden square full of cafes and multicolored souvenir shops, clothing, jewelry, shoes. Walk, especially in the evening, through the old part of Marbella, it’s a great experience! Beautiful, happy and clean, smiling people around, enveloped by a subtle hint of the omnipresent smell of flowers, savoring the warmth of the evening. Others again carefully look out for treasure in the hundreds of storefronts. And we, sitting in a cafe on a comfortable wicker chair, sipping a refreshing, fruit-filled, chilled sangria, can fully relax and just enjoy life.


After this relaxing evening I recommend crossing the main road and head in the opposite direction, towards the shoreline. At the main pedestrian street of Marbella there is something for everyone. A very rich choice of restaurants, some on the beach, serving fresh seafood. Dance clubs and bars where you can spend fascinating hours until dawn. Lots of shops and cafes. Active in the accompaniment of noise and smell of the sea. A great place to shop, party, but also on the plain you can go for a relaxing walk or jog. Of course, a beautiful sandy beach on your doorstep is another great asset!

The next crazy places that I would like to bring to your attention are two unique beach clubs. The first is the famous Nikki Beach. Bar-institution, a crazy place, Sodom and Gomorrah in one, says my friend. Go there during the day, because the bar does not open until late hours. But what happens there in the sunshine, often beats all the other clubs at night! You can dress elegantly, but you run the risk of your precious shirt or dress being soiled with the infinite champagne everywhere. Get ready for lively music from DJs, performances on the bar beautiful dancers in fancy gowns, a swimming pool full of raging fans of fun and a sandy beach. Nikki Beach is a trendy place that famous people and celebrities often frequent, with a seat in the VIP lounge in the company of a menacing-looking Bodyguard. Prepare for spending because the drink prices there start at 30 euros for a bottle of champagne. You could spend 250 to well over 10 thousand Euro! The same one that will land on your shirt!

Andaluzja-artykul_Red Hot Party, Nikki Beach

At the other extreme beach club is my other favorite, chiringuito-style bar, with hot Latino music. It Ranchon Cubano, located near the village of Elviria, about 15 minutes from Marbella, in the direction of Malaga. It is difficult to independently hit, so its best to take a taxi. Cuban-Spanish atmosphere in the rhythm of salsa. For a change there DJ’eje play and live bands. The bar is also from midday and is located on the sandy beach. The place is very pleasant, and accessible and full of locals. Dance enthusiasts can fight alone, frolicing barefoot on the wooden floor, a perfect Mojito drink for 6 euros or refreshing local beer Cruz Campo. The list of drinks is long, a surprisingly extensive menu of tasty seafood and juicy steaks. Tables set on the soft sand beach are covered with checkered, plastic tablecloths. The prices are affordable and the atmosphere is unique. If you love the beach, sea, good food, smiling people around the absorbed dance, you must go! If they like to dance, all the better. I believe that even the toughest guy for whom dance is something terrible, will break his resistance. Dear Lord, so everything in your hands.


After the madness of the beach and the purchasing, decide to spend the next three days in one of the most luxurious hotels coast of Spain, namely at Finca Cortesin. The hotel is located west of Marbella, in a beautiful setting surrounded by a hill and overlooking the sea. It is surrounded by championship golf course, one of the best available to me to play on. It is situated about 5 minutes by car from the sea, which is its great advantage. Silence, relaxation, birds singing … It’s a great place to relax. I feel there like in heaven! Wonderful views, beautiful gardens, four large swimming pools, comfortable sun loungers and impeccable service. I could devote a whole chapter to the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have on this place, which is why I only assure you that this is a real treat for the palate. The hotel is just divine. Mirror splendor and richness of real Andalusia from many years ago. However, what is surprising is relatively new. It was built on the model of traditional, rich noble mansion, known as the Andalusian “finca”. The rooms are spacious, high, elegant and very comfortably furnished. Offering spectacular views from the balconies, some also have private pools. This stay I consider to be very successful and recommend the it to the most discerning travelers. Anyway, some of you have visited there through us and we know that you liked it. With undisguised pain of leaving the Finca Cortesin. I was there not the first and certainly not the last time …

Photograph by Wayne Chasan

Costa del Sol is not only Marbella and Andalusia is not only the Costa del Sol!
For the next three days I decided to rent a car. I went in the direction of Seville. About 50 kilometers outside the capital of Andalusia where there is located extremely an romantic boutique hotel Hacienda San Rafael. This beautiful, historic property remains in the hands of one family and is managed by two charismatic brothers. Hacienda offers guests a wonderful, idyllic countryside, peace and quiet.More than a dozen charming rooms and several spacious and very comfortable, traditional houses, the so-called. Casitas, with swimming pools, private gardens and a private hideaway for meals. Absolutely everything there is adapted to the client’s taste. A delicious breakfast will be prepared especially for you at any indicated time. It does not matter whether it’s 6 o’clock in the morning or 14:00. A real idylic relaxation in a crisp, healthy environment with beautiful nature.

However, if someone was not enough, right on the doorstep is Seville. Full sights, restaurants, bars and shops. By visiting it during the Feria de Abril, you can be seen on the streets, especially the old part of the city, ladies in dresses typical full flounces. This dancer is very popular in the region of flamenco. There are also pairs of horseback travels across the streets.

Andaluzja-artykul_Tancerki flamenco, Sewilla

After two days comfortably spent at the Hacienda San Rafael I set off back to Marbella. I chose the most charming way through the mountains, in the historic town of Ronda. It is beautifully situated on both sides of the river gorge Guadalevin and consists of two districts: Ciudad, which is part of the Arab and Mercadillo, which is the newer part, created after the reconquest. You should stay there for a few hours to walk down the streets of the old town, enjoy a delicious lunch, take pictures of the magnificent, monumental Puente Nuevo bridge, built in 1793..

Further down the road from Ronda to Marbella is also extremely charming, but after only 30 minutes drive into the fast lane on the road, heading to the airport in Marbella.

Many times I had the opportunity to taste everything that I have described, and can attest to this one statement. I am in love with Andalucia and the Costa del Sol! This feeling did not come right away, it was born during many visits. Marbella is a great city that is the gateway to many repeated visits to Andalusia. With convenient access to the airport it is no longer a trip to the other end of the world, but nothing more than a departure from Warsaw to Gdansk and Sopot on the weekend. From Katowice in or to Masuria it will take even longer.


A beautiful, sunny, long weekend we also spend in Marbella. Think about it next time, Sopot or Marbella? Krakow or Marbella? Bieszczady Mountains, Masuria or Marbella? Or maybe you do not need to choose? All these combine two things – one is their attractiveness, while the latter availability for us. But you divide them all! Do not hesitate so long about where you will spend the next free days, just call us at Luxury Travel. We’re making it easier and you can organize everything, in addition to better prices at the hotel or even at booking.com.

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